I've managed to get hold of some Hector's House books.
Here's the front cover of the Third Hector's House Annual.

Third annual

The stories were by Frank Moore and pictures by David McKee and was first published in 1971 (when I was five), this copy was priced at 65p. I don't know what it would cost today.

A few of the inside pictures to share with you. Hector as a policeman.

Pc Plod !!!

Zsazsa hurts her paw

Zaza hurts her paw!

Zsazsa hurts her paw

One of the many puzzles, see if you can see all 40 items beginning with S.

No Prizes for getting them all !!!

No prizes for getting them all !!! The answers aren't at the back of the book either. You may not get the supermarket at the top left at this resolution though, but you should get all the others. I only managed to get 36. Martin Round got 47, the ones I missed were, six, seven (on the signs on the doors), shopping, sign (the pub sign with the swan on it), sails (on the sailing boat), sun (in the sky) and strap (on the satchel). sash-window and singlet, well done to him.

If you want to cheat, click here.

Getting drenched whilst camping

Hector, Zaza & Kiki after getting soaked whilst camping, in Mr Badger's caravan. Is this the same badger who appeared in Rupert the Bear???

Here's a few pictures from the Hector the Gardner book. It was published in 1968 and the photographs were by Gerard Neuvecelle (indicating it's french production).

Front cover

Here's the front cover, and on the back is an excellent photo of their house.

The house

This one's from the inside cover.

Loads of flowers

Zaza & Kiki with a hose.

Kiki & Zsazsa

The End...

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