Mary, Mungo & Midge

Mary, Mungo & Midge live on the eighth floor of a block of flats in a 'new' town.
They always go out into the big wide world to have adventures and then return to their flat at the end of the programme.

The Flats

The beginning theme (1Mb 94secs) which the narrator (Richard Baker) explains where they live.

A town is full of buildings, some tall, some short, some wide and some narrow.
The buildings are flats, and houses, and factories, and shops.
They're built in streets.
The streets have cars, and buses and lorries driving along them.
The cars and the buses and the streets are full of people,
in fact there are a lot of people in a town.
Do you live in a town?
Mary, Mungo and Midge live in this town.
They live with Mary's Mother and Father in this tall block of flats.
They live right at the top. There are eight flats built on top of each other.
Mary, Mungo and Midge live in the flat with the flowers growing in the window box.
There's Mary, there's Mungo and there's Midge.
Mary, Mungo and Midge have a large sunny room to play in,
a room full of games, picture books and toys.

All pictures link to bigger ones, 640x480.

There's Mary There's Mary.

There's Mungo. There's Mungo.

and There's Midge.and there's Midge.

Midge likes music so much that he's learnt to play a flute, but so far he can only play one tune. He's ready to play it now. (Three blind mice). (Wav 231Kb).

The town where they live Their town.

They live in the flat with the flowerbox. They live in the flat with the flowerbox.

Their very own playroom. Their playroom.

The infamous lift. The infamous lift.

Midge's turn to call the lift. Midge calls the lift.

Sometime's Mary gets the lift. Mary calls it sometimes.

As they live right at the top of the building they go down to the street by the lift. Today Mary is going to get the lift. (Wav 135Kb)

Getting into the lift. Mungo and Midge getting into the lift.

Going down in the lift Mungo and Midge going down in the lift.

The music for going down in the lift. (Wav 58Kb)

Mungo always waits for the lift to close. Mungo waits for the lift doors to close.

Mungo stayed behind to make sure the lift door was shut. (Wav 35Kb)

As usual Midge disappeared. And Midge disappears as usual.

Can you see Midge? Mungo carrying the basket, can you see Midge???

Mungo walking music. (Wav 44Kb)

Sometimes they go out in the car. Sometimes they go out in the car. Is it a mini?

Hiding her face again. But you never get to see Mary's Mum's face. She's hidden in the car here.

Mum at the lift. And she's facing the other way here with a headscarf on.

Here's her Dad. This is the most you get to see of her Dad.

Coconut Shy Man. A coconut shy man who looks a bit like the characters from Captain Pugwash.

Test your strength. This guy is familiar too, especially with the stripey shirt.

Man eating a hotdog Checkout the neck on that woman on the left. Is it Barbapapa in disguise?

Mary on a duck ride. Mary on a duck ride.

Roll a Ball game only 1d. Roll-a-ball game, only 1 penny a go in 'old' money.

Mary and Mungo in the toy shop. Mary and Mungo in the toy shop.

Thank You very much. (Wav 9Kb).

One of the features of the program was the incidental music.

Midge going up the stairs in the doll's house. (Wav 99Kb).

Midge in a rocking chair. (Wav 58Kb).

Midge going into the Doll's house in the toy shop. (Wav 75Kb).

Midge was renowned for being mischievous.

Telling Midge off. Here's Mary telling him to be good.

And you know what your going to be now Midge, you're going to be a good mouse and do what you're told. (Wav 56Kb).

Midge with a flower. Midge being told off.

Yes Mary. (Wav 9Kb).

Some more Midge talky-bits.

Ooh! That looks exciting. (Wav 32Kb).

Can I help? (Wav 7Kb).

Goodnight (Wav 7Kb).

Mungo at the fair.Mungo at the fair.

Mungo's Bark. (Wav 22Kb).

Mary always spoke in perfect Queen's English. I just love the way she says potato!

(Mary) I've just used the last potato, and we need some for dinner too. (Mungo) Midge and I will go to the greengrocers and buy some. (Mary) There's the shopping basket, there's money in it and a note to the greengrocers to ask him to give you some potatoes. (Wav 150Kb).

Mary is going to do some potato prints. Mary with two halves of a potato.

Midge looking at the washing up. Midge mostly had six whiskers.

Close-up then sometimes he had four!

Isn't he cute! Here he is looking cute on a tent peg.

How does she get hair her to go like that? How does Mary get her hair to a point like that?

Sadly we must come to an end. Well, it had to end.

And here's the ending theme (Wav 669Kb) which is just a brilliant piece music.

The credits... (these don't link to bigger pictures.)

Pictures and Movement by John Ryan Studios Story written by Daphne Jones Story Teller Richard Baker with Isobel Ryan
Music by Johnny Pearson Filmed by Bura and Hardwick
A John Ryan Production
Midge looked a bit funny with his ears cut off.

I always remembered Midge looking a bit funny in this picture with his ears 'cut off'.

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